When I was a kid playing in the sandbox was one of the great joys of summertime. I would spend hours inside the rims of an old tractor tire filled with glorious sand. I didn't live near a beach so the sand box and a garden hose was as close I was going to get to the ocean.

I remember making huge sand forts and driving my Tonka trucks and Matchbox cars along the roads I created. I would build castles with moats and then fill those moats with water from the hose.I always thought my sand structures were quite impressive, then I saw that show on TV where the people travel all over the world making huge sand sculptures.

Still I be they got their start just like I did in small round circle or box of sand in the backyard. I could never have imagined the sand box that you are about to see here. It's a virtual sandbox that allows the user to create, sculpt and visualize the effects of wind, water, time and the elements. It also prevents the user from coming into contact of every sand box users nemesis , the neighbors cat.