You and I both know, that too much of a good thing is a great thing! Especially when it comes to food. Now, this food I'm referring to is something that you have to be crazy not to love! ...even though it is absolutely horrible for your health. If you guessed Bacon. Then you are absolutely, positively, 100% correct. Now, I'm not talking just some plain ole' pork slabs all greasy and what-not. I'm talking some beautiful artistic, delicious concoctions made with bacon.

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    Cinnamon-Bacon Rolls

    I know what you're thinking, Sweet and greasy? To be completely honest, I've cooked these before. And folks, let me tell you. This is an amazing combination of tastes.

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    Bacon Salad Bowl

    A lot of concoctions for bacon now include making things out of them. Now this would be a bit challenging for me to do, because I'm a bit artistically challenged. I was blessed with music, not building/drawing. But, this is a pretty ingenious idea. Think about it, why sprinkle bacon bits on top, when you could just eat your bowl and salad! Talk about making a happy-plate (not to mention stomach).

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    Bacon Explosion

    Now, by looking at the picture, I'm sure you're thinking what the heck is that! Folks, let me introduce you to this amazing creation. It consists of two pounds of bacon woven together, wrapped around sausage, and covered in barbecue sauce. It’s even been profiled in the New York Times.