Carencro High looks to continue something of a theme of revenge for this postseason. The Golden Bears upset the Warren Easton Eagles last week. They were the top seed in select D-I, and this win proved more than anything that the Cro-Bears are not to be overlooked.

But why was Carencro able to overcome the one seed? What do they have that will carry them over their next opponent, the Brother Martin Crusaders?

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A Punishing Run Game

Carencro has punished teams in the running game all season. Even their opponents know that they want to pound the ball on the ground, the issue is that they can't be stopped.

The Golden Bears look lethal on the ground between quarterback Chantz Ceasar and runningbacks Kennon Ryan and Cashmire Batiste.

The Carencro Golden Bears
The Carencro Golden Bears

An Opportunistic Defense

This defense has done a decent job all year of slowing down opposing offenses, holding them to an average of 20 points all season.

In their most recent contest, Chantz Babineaux, who earlier this season broke the school record for single-game receptions as a receiver, jumped a route to take a pick all the way to the house.

Any time you have a defense that can score you points, you have a good chance to win.

Competitive Fire

This Carencro team is not afraid to go out and grab a win. Between gutsy fakes, jumped routes, and willingness to get down and dirty in the run game. But it goes further than that.

This team lost to Brother Martin last season in a game where Chantz Ceasar injured his leg. This season, with a win-or-go-home mentality, Ceasar and the rest of the Golden Bears are surely going to be hyped up. Since the game is taking plae in Carencro, the home crowd should help out with that too.

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