The posted speed. It's a limited suggested by authorities for safe travel for drivers on roadways across the state and across the nation. When drivers exceed the posted speed they are subject to fines and penalties associated with breaking that particular law.

In Saint Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz had better order a few more ticket pads and pens based on information retrieved from one of the department's automated speed limit enforcement trailers.

Sherrif Guidroz has reported that data from one of those trailers placed on Flagstation Road recorded 3,716 drivers traveling over the posted speed between May 14 and June 5.

The Sheriff broke down the traffic data this way.  3,417 motorists were observed traveling from one to nine miles per hour over the posted limit of 35. 299 vehicles were observed traveling more than ten miles an hour above the posted speed limit.

The data from the unmanned terminal did show that 5,833 drivers did travel at or below the posted speed. So, at least there were more law-abiding drivers than law-breaking drivers.



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