I wonder what I did to get on the evil doers list of people to call. Yet again I am here to alert you to another potential telephone marketing scam that is being unleashed across the country. You may recall I have alerted you to phone calls from this number 312-765-7460 and also this number 617-861-4479 and this number 202-480-5620 too.

They are all part of an identity, information and take your money scam. This call started out innocently enough with a pleasant female voice. It was right after that the pleasantries ended and the probing for my personal information began.

The automated voice on the other end of the line told me that this is not a sales call. It is a call from ESG Marketing. They want to take 30 seconds of my time for a short survey about our nations debt crisis. Here are the questions used in the bogus survey:

Rate 1-5, 5 being best, 1 being worst.
1.  Performance of Democrats on debt crisis.
2.  Performance of Republicans on debt crisis.
3.  Performance of Pres. Obama on debt crisis.

I was then informed that in exchange for my participation in the survey I have earned a Bahama's Cruise. Since this is my fourth call from this same operation I knew exactly what to do, hang up the phone. If you get a call from this number, I suggest you do the same thing. You might be tempted to work your way through the electronic menu to find a live person, it won't happen. The phone line will simply go dead once you have given them the information they want.

Maybe this company isn't out for your credit card numbers, yet. Maybe all they are trying to do is build a database of working phone numbers and best time to contact list. Regardless if you don't like telemarketing calls you don't want to be caught up in their web.

I will say this, there are plenty of honest and upfront telemarketing firms in this country. They only want to do business with people that are comfortable doing business over the phone. If you are not comfortable with telemarketing calls, please register your telephones, land line and mobile, with the National Do Not Call Registry. Then be ready to report any violations that occur. It usually takes about a month for  your numbers to appear on the list so be patient and be careful with anyone you don't know who wants to know your personal information.