How far would you go to have all of your student loan debt erased? A recent study says 39% of people surveyed would be willing to spend a full week in jail to have their student loan debt forgiven. Honestly, it's kind of tempting. reports the study was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Splash Financial. The study included 1,000 undergraduate and 1,000 postgraduate degree holders.

There were a few different options presented to find out how far grads would go to get rid of their student loan debt. Walking to work for a year, no time off from work for a year and never having caffeine again were a few of the choices given

Below is how it all shook out from

Shaving ones’ head (51%)
Walk to work for a month (49%)
Never have caffeine again (40%)
Relive high school over again (40%)
No time off from work for a year (40%)
Spend a week in jail (39%)

If any of these choices were given to you, which one would you pick?


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