April Fools' Day is here and you didn't pre-plan not a one prank? Oh, fret not, Mr. Happy Fun Times is here to give you some last-minute ideas on how to pull one over your co-workers.

But you better read this and get to work early this morning.

Here are five last-minute April Fools' pranks you can pull on your co-workers today. And the best part is that these require little to no preparation.

  1. Cover their stuff in sticky notes. Grab a friend or two and a Post-It pad and go to town covering everything of your co-worker's that you possibly can cover. Or if you don't have time before work, sneak out into the parking lot and cover their car!
  2. Rubber band their office phone. Get a few rubber bands and wrap them around their office phone so they can't pick it up when it rings.
  3. Hang a sign on the new "voice-activated" copier. There's a chance that folks have seen this before and won't fall for it. But if they do, the results are totally worth it.
  4. Kill their mouse. Not their pet mouse, that would be just sadistic. (But seriously, who has one of those?!) We're talking about their computer mouse. Unplug their mouse from the back of the computer or take out the batteries.
  5. Mayonnaise the doughnuts. Buy a dozen of glazed doughnuts and spread some mayo on top as frosting. Then offer one to the victim of your choice or leave the box in the office kitchen.

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