19-year-old Vanderrick Ceasar of Oberlin and 19-year-old Demondre Terry, 21-year-old Tyrie Fredrick, 22-year-old Shaiheem Mitchell, 24-year-old Rico Morgan (all of Eunice) have been arrested after allegedly attacking another man at 24/7 Truck Stop located on Highway 190 in Eunice on Sunday, August 21.

St. Landry Parish Sheriff's spokesman Major Eddie Thibodeaux says surveillance video caught one of the men, Terry, allegedly attacking the victim from behind, then showing the other four men jumping in on the attack. The victim suffered a knife wound to his back and swelling to both of his eyes.

A video of the fight recorded by a customer, as well as photo identification, was used to bring the five suspects in to jail.

"The detective section decided to charge the group with the riot charge due to the serious of the crime," says St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz. "Louisiana law states that a riot is a public disturbance involving an assemblage of three or more persons acting together or in concert which by tumultuous and violent conduct, or the imminent threat of tumultuous and violent conduct, results in injury or damage to persons or property or creates a clear and present danger of injury or damage to persons or property."


Vanderrick Ceasar - 2nd Degree Battery, Riot, Bench Warrant for a separate case ($10,000 bond)

Demondre Terry - 2nd Degree Battery, Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery, Riot ($25,000)

Tyrie Fredrick - 2nd Degree Battery, Riot ($10,000)

Shaiheem Mitchell - 2nd Degree Battery, Riot ($10,000)

Rico Morgan - 2nd Degree Battery, Riot ($10,000)

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