Sometimes it's fun to use movie titles to describe other things. You can use movie titles to describe your love life. You can use movie titles to describe your ex. In honor of Father's Day we decided to pick out five movie titles that we believe could sum up the experience of being a father.

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    Dude, Where's My Car?

    When  you have children that have reached the legal driving age this will be a question you will ask more than once. That trip to the drug store to buy supplies for a school project will suddenly turn into a four hour journey that found your debit card being used to buy coffee and chicken fingers.  It's all part of the joy of being a Dad.

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    The Awakening

    It's your one day to finally sleep a little later than you anticipated and you are greeted with a tiny little hand poking you in the face. Your eyes begin to focus out of your deep slumber just in time to see a precious small child begin the process of projectile vomiting all over you. That's better than a double espresso to get you up and moving.

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    The Money Pit

    As a Father when you have kids you will soon see that your paychecks can really go further. They go out the door. They go to the mall. They go pay fees for trips at school. They go to buy gas for a car that you just put gas into yesterday. It's as if the kids believe all they need to do is slide a card down the crack of your behind and you'll immediately dispense cash.

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    The Hunger Games

    When they are little you have to coax them to eat. When they get older they eat everything you have in the house with the exception of the really healthy stuff. I know they are growing and their bodies need fuel. They have to have energy to pass up the healthy meal I made and substitute it with junk food from the movie.  The life expectancy of Little Debbie is about five minutes around my house.

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    A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    It's always amazed me how quickly one little thing with the kids leads to another slightly bigger thing. Then in the blink of an eye you've gone from gluing macaroni on poster board to waiting in the lobby at the walk-in clinic. Kids are the great rolling snowball of life. As they get bigger the more things in their path they consume and as a Dad you're standing at ground zero.