Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in Acadiana! We hope that you have a wonderful day getting pampered and loved on by your children.

Or, for some of you, enjoy your alone time, because we all know that is really what you want for a present!

Here are five random facts about Mother's Day you may not have known. (We know, why, you ask? Our answer is, why not?!?)

  1. This is the 100th anniversary of president Woodrow Wilson officially naming Mother's Day a U.S. holiday.
  2. Mother's Day was originally started in the 1850s by a woman named Ann Jarvis and it wasn't about giving gifts. It was a day set aside for mothers to rally together behind causes like fighting disease, mourning soldiers, and promoting peace.
  3. 28% of people say they feel they don't know or didn't know their mother as good as they'd like to.
  4. 30% of mothers in the U.S. are stay-at-home moms
  5. Americans will spend $19.9 billion on Mother's Day this year

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