Sometimes what we say is overshadowed by what our mind thinks we've said. We've been taught there are certain words that shouldn't be used in polite company. Then there are words that are perfectly harmless in meaning but their similarity to naughty words will raise an eyebrow or two if you utter them out loud. Since we are in the business of words I thought it would be fun to introduce 5 more unique words into your vocabulary. Just be careful if you say them in front of your Mother.

  • Homer Thompson via YouTube
    Homer Thompson via YouTube


    Should you cover your eyes before your find out what this word means? Nah, you've used its meaning a thousand times before. You just said it this way. You said "the day before yesterday". That's what nudiustertian is all about.

  • Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
    Paula Bronstein/Getty Images


    You might remember your Mom telling to keep yours covered up unless you're being seen by a doctor. Nah, that's not it. This word means hair that is wooly like a sheep. Okay, I get it, that's why they make razors.

  • ABC Television
    ABC Television


    I bet you've already pictured a Mississippi farm boy, a pig, and a compromising situation haven't you? Well, get that thought out of your mind. Impignorate means to pawn or mortgage something. It has nothing to do with pork in any sense of the word. Unless you're pawning a pig.

  • Manu Arora via YouTube
    Manu Arora via YouTube


    You might think this word is defined by what Michael Jackson would do with his hands while dancing. Nope. It has nothing to do with personal adjustments at all. A Winklepicker is actually a style of shoe with very pointy toes. It was popular in the 1950's when people raised in good homes didn't have the kind of thoughts we have today.

  • Nick Laham/Getty Images
    Nick Laham/Getty Images


    So you think you have this one figured out, do you? You think it has something do with with the physical characteristics of a gymnast right? Wrong. Tittynope is actually a small quantity of something leftover. Like a spoonful of potatoes or a tiny bit of decency. Nah, all the decency is gone, let's stick with potatoes.

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