I was driving in Lafayette yesterday and came across a couple of intersections that just took forever to get through. Now, it was during the 5:00 pm hour so traffic was at its peak. But still, it made me wonder, which are the worst intersections in the Hub City?

We could've done a little research with the DMV to find out where the most accidents took place but you guys drive these streets every day. So, we took to Facebook to get your thoughts.

As you can imagine, some of the same roads came up in the discussion. Here are the top 5 worst intersections in Lafayette according to you.

5 Worst Lafayette Intersections

Again, this list is just based on opinion. There were several other intersections mentioned by you guys during the discussion.

Some of you simply think we have terrible drivers here while others would like to tear it down and start all over!

Happy driving everyone!

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