This may be one of the coolest, sweetest and funniest sports videos you will ever see.

Hannah Robinson Johnson shared the following video with us of her five-year-old son Lake during his first Flea Fly football game. It happened during halftime of Opelousas Catholic's game this past Friday night.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what position Lake was playing but suffice it to say that he got the ball and was supposed to plunge in for the touchdown...and he did, after taking a bit of a detour.

The little buddy took off for the wrong endzone, but after getting there realized it/was told by the coaches he was going the wrong way. And that's when turned his beat around and high-tailed it for the other endzone.

Thus, a 200-yard touchdown! Well done little dude!! We hope mom and dad got you extra treats from the concession stand after the game.


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