The chicken, if ever there was a bird that needed to be remembered in song it would be the humble chicken. It provides us eggs for breakfast, feathers for tarring and feathering people we don't like and drumsticks for a Sunday dinner. Let us celebrate this fair fowl by recanting some of the most famous and infamous chicken songs ever recorded.



Chuck Tucker The Chicken Plucker - To be honest, saying this one out loud makes me very uncomfortable. I would never say the name of this song on the radio for fear of violating an FCC indecency law. The artist is Steve In Tennessee. I think he's got a pretty good voice and a great sense of humor.



Hip Hop Chicken - The genre of music known as Hip Hop has its own unique brand of followers. The followers of songs about chickens are pretty darn unique too. Combine these two passions and you get this amazing masterpiece of Chik Chop music.



Free Range Chicken Song - This is a musical tribute to birds without cages. This song celebrates a chicken that is free to roam God's green Earth and live without boundaries. It also goes to show you that a skilled artist can write and create a song about anything if they set their minds to it. I have no doubt the people behind the Free Range Chicken Song are passionate about their subject, but I have doubts about it's commercial viability.



Kerry Christensen's Free Range Chicken Song- Here is another song dedicated to birds without borders. This time Kerry Christensen is the artist and he plays a by GOD accordion. I like him already. The accordion was meant for chicken songs don't you think? Kerry brings it home in a big way in this no holes barred honest and provocative piece about life as a chicken living the free range lifestyle.



Chicken On The Run - Like I was going to leave Geno Delafose out of this list. I really love the unofficial video the Youtube user put together to go with this song. It really celebrates our joie de vivre that we have in Louisiana and it's a great chicken song too.



In The Mood- Hey wait a minute! That was a popular song of the Big Band Era not a song about chickens! Well it was up until funny man Ray Stevens got a hold of it. Here is the king of all fowl tunes as performed by the Hen House Five Plus 2