We certainly have a way with words here in Cajun Country.

I can't imagine how many words are in the English dictionary, but there are a few of them that carry a lot more meaning when they are spoken by residents here in our local region. I'm not talking about phrases or sayings that are unique to our area (i.e. "get down" at the store or "pass" by your house), I'm talking about those words that simply pack a lot more punch when spoken through creole/cajun lips.

Allow me to explain with the following list of words.

7 Cajun Words That Sound Better


Like I stated at the beginning of this story, it's hard to argue with facts—and the fact is, we simply do things better down here in south Louisiana.

If I missed any words, please feel free to add them by commenting and be sure to share this with any and all friends who will appreciate a little lesson in Cajun vernacular.

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