Since the weather isn't cooperating with too many outside activities today it looks like we're going to be stuck inside dreaming up things to do. I have an idea, how about we go to the park! Even if it's raining we can go  the new fashioned way. We'll take the Internet!

I wish I had a dog that could do this. Actually I wish I had a dog that didn't confuse the living room floor with a toilet. This dog loves the slide. I don't know too many dogs that love to climb like this fellow does but he gets himself up and then comes right down ready to go another round. I especially like the way the dog basically follows commands, I wish my kids would do that.

Do you have a video of your dog doing something amazing? Even if it's old hat for you and your family we might really get a kick out of seeing it. Why don't you send us a video! Since it's raining outside it will give you something to do.

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