Cajun Traditions Foods will be opening up a meat processing center in Church Point according to an announcement that was made by the owners and Governor John Bel Edwards today.

The company will be taking over an existing facility, but they will be spending $2.85 million to help to renovate the facility.

According to a press release sent by Governor John Bel Edwards' Administration, there will be 35 new jobs that will be created with this facility and 57 new indirect jobs.

The factory used to be the Garan Garment manufacturing facility. The building was bought by Cajun Traditions earlier this year. The building is located at 188 South Olivier Road, and the average salary for new employees will be $25,505 along with a benefits package. The group Cajun Traditions is owned by Lonnie Richard, Todd Richard and Benjamin Richard.

Governor John Bel Edwards says,

Louisiana's entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and I am proud to see that our unique traditions are living on through new generations, as is evident by the Cajun Traditions venture launched by the Richard family. Lonnie Richard is not only preserving a valued tradition, but he is reinvesting in his community and creating new jobs in the process. We join him, his family and the entire Cajun Traditions team in celebrating this major new step and the great new economic activity heading to Church Point.

This is a time when the state of Louisiana is looking for new jobs as of June this year, there were 192,000 unemployed.

Cajun Traditions will be a business that will over meat for products including things like boudin, sausage and the like.

Lonnie Richard says,

Our family has always taken great pride in the tradition of preparing and distributing sausage and boudin, which the people of Acadiana enjoy eating and sharing as part of our rich culture. Cajun Traditions gets back to the roots of sausage-making with the quality that today's consumers have come to expect. We are proud to invest in our community, contribute to the local economy and add jobs to the local area, and we look forward to growing a sustainable company that will enrich our community and bring quality meat products to the marketplace.

Officials with the company say renovations of the facility will be done in the fourth quarter of this year, and then they will start producing product. They say that they will fill all of the positions over time, and they believe all will be filled by the year 2025.




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