There is a new sleeping establishment in south Louisiana that is about as unique as it comes. It's a retro train motel!

The grand opening was held this past weekend for the Train Wreck Inn, located in Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

Trainwreck Inn, Facebook
Trainwreck Inn, Facebook

What exactly is this retro train motel all about?

There are four buildings available to rent for lodging -- two refurbished train cars (one train car and one caboose) and two buildings that were often found in a train yard.

Each space is unique, boasting its own style, complete with antique glassware, custom kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, and record players to set the tone.

The whole setup is in somewhat of a small village vibe, making it a very quaint stay.

Train Wreck Inn via Air BnB
Train Wreck Inn via Air BnB

A little of the backstory

The Train Wreck Inn is owned by Colin Grussing and Ben Trant, who bought all four buildings from the previous owner, Margaret Brinkhaus, who had them on her property in Sunset.

Brinkhaus, the widow of former state legislator Armand Brinkhaus, had used them as a bed and breakfast.

Her husband wanted to buy that first train car about 35 years ago after the railroads began phasing out cabooses. (Although it took the couple about 10 years to actually get it in.)

The Brinkhaus called their rentals La Caboose.

Trainwreck Inn, Facebook
Trainwreck Inn, Facebook

The new owners

Trant, Grussing, and a team of professionals with different backgrounds and skill sets helped make these historic train cars come alive over the last few years. Slowly, they were able to put together their dream village.

“I initially picked up the lot just looking for something to do with it,” Trant, a local attorney, told the Acadiana Advocate. “The train car opportunity came up right before COVID happened. I had them moved here then, and it was no real rush (with) a lot of the initial renovation work and gutting it. We insulated and put new walls up. Things slowed down for COVID, and we got back at it working on it a little at a time.”

Rental Information

The Train Wreck Inn is located at 211 Chatrian Street in Grand Coteau, and all buildings are available for rent.

You can view each of the rooms and book at

Rates start at a very reasonable $75 a night and, for the most part, each can accommodate two people.

A unique stay and a great idea for out-of-towners

So, the next time you have friends or family coming in from out of town and you're looking for something totally unique, this place would be ideal.

To learn more, visit or follow them on Facebook.

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