Many of us enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sure it would be nice to win the Powerball jackpot or host our own fishing show but life is okay even without these things. I had a revelation at the gas station yesterday afternoon. After that revelation, I started having more and more revelations about little things in life that just make me feel better about the world around me.

Here is my short but ever growing list of little things that bring great satisfaction:

-Having a full tank of gas

-Sliding into cool sheets at bedtime

-The smell of suntan lotion, especially coconut lotion on a hot afternoon

-The taste of a corn dog

-Finding a few extra dollars in the pocket of pants I haven't worn in a while

-Ignoring text messages

-Adding bacon to just about everything I eat

-The silence that follows the death of a mosquito that has been buzzing around your room

-A cup of coffee that is just the right temperature for gulping

-Finding out that Ole Miss has lost in any athletic competition

-The feel of new socks on my feet

-The sound of someone else loading the dishwasher

-The look on a small child's face when he sees his mother

-Taking a nap next to my dog

So, what say you? I know there are more than a few things that bring a brief but sincere smile to your face and to your heart. Share those with me and who knows we might not need Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, or even the ghost of Oprah to tell us how to be happy in life.

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