Ever ate a meal that just didn't agree with you? Maybe you got severe heartburn, or maybe you got sick. One thing I'm betting hasn't happened to you is that you haven't had hundreds of porcupine needles sticking out of your body.

This snake got a little hungry and needed something to snack on. Apparently there was a porcupine near by so he decided to give it go. It didn't turn out very well for him.

I'm not certain if this a python or a big cobra. I hear someone in the video say "cobra", but I'm not sure.

I hope, for the poor snake's sake, these quills are just stuck in him from the porcupine defending itself. However, the way the quills are completely all the way down the snakes body, it's possible he did indeed ingest the porcupine.

Either way, this ole boy is having a bad day.

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