Abbeville High School has announced that Saturday night's homecoming dance has been postponed after an incident on Friday night (Oct. 14).

The announcement came via the official Abbeville High School Facebook page with the decision to postpone the dance prompted by too many unknowns with the school's top concern being student safety.

Postponement of tonight's dance is prompted by too many unknowns and the administration's ability to provide a safe, adequate environment. We want to ensure that the dance is a fitting way to conclude the week after great student participation.

Multiple eyewitnesses reported alleged shots fired near the Abbeville homecoming football game on Friday night.


One Facebook user said she thought she was hearing fireworks from the west side of town in Abbeville.

Some Facebook users say you can hear what sounds like gunshots around the 3:30 mark of a video that was uploaded to the social platform.

The date has been postponed until a later date in November. See the full announcement below.

This is a developing story.

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