Can you believe that the City of New Orleans is about to celebrate birthday number 300? It just goes to show that the hardy types who call the Big Easy home can live through anything. Hurricanes, levees, bad mayors, and my personal favorite the 1984 World's Fair have all taken their shot at our state's largest city but New Orleans survives.

Abita Brewing Company has announced in honor of the city, it's birthday, and to celebrate the people and families that have made New Orleans what it is they have created a new brew. I am not a beer connoisseur so I was taken aback a bit when I heard this new brew was made with grapes.

The brew is called Maison Blanc. The company hopes to have the product available for statewide consumption by the first of the year. Because it is created using grapes it is, in fact, a combination beer and wine.

Don't let that verbiage scare you away, it's more about the brewing process than the taste. Although the people with Abita do say the beverage has a distinctive grape-based aroma. In fact, their hope is that this new brew will give beer drinkers and wine drinkers the best of both experiences.

Based on the kind of product Abita has turned out and turned us on to over the past few years I am pretty sure this will be another home run for the  Louisiana based brewery.



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