It's vacation time, Acadiana! As the summer sun slowly assumes it's position, the mass exodus along I-10 will soon be underway. Every day, more and more people packed SUVs will be spotted carrying vacationers every which direction. Facebook newsfeeds will explode with countdowns to vacations, and pictures of families wearing white clothing posing in front of the ocean will be everywhere. So where is everyone going? We'll let you know as we count down Acadiana's Favorite Vacation Destinations.

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    About four hours due west sits our first entry to the countdown.

    H-town may not have any beaches, but that doesn't stop Acadiana residents from heading to the big Texas city in droves. Some go to visit friends and family, some go for concerts and pro sporting events, some go for the shopping, and some go just because. Whatever the reason, Houston's close proximity and big city lifestyle make it a perfect change of pace for a weekend getaway.

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    For those with the means and the desire to explore, few things can touch the experience a trip to Europe can provide.

    Usually reserved for college students enjoying study abroad programs, a trip to Europe can broaden your horizons while recharging your batteries. While Europe may not be in the cards for most of us this summer, the sheer volume of stories, pictures, and Facebook posts made by those lucky punks who actually do get to go keep Europe at the center of our attention and earn the continent the number four spot on our vacation countdown.

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    Panama City Beach

    Don't bring your mamma

    The Florida beach town with a reputation for getting down, PCB has long been the beach of choice for college kids and high school grads for years. Whether for Spring Break, Senior Trips, or just because, PCB offers everything necessary to capture the imagination of the young spirit. (I guess that's the nicest way I could have possibly said that).

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    Though we may not be known as a tropical paradise, Louisiana has no shortage of large bodies of water. For this reason, many travelers forgo the headaches of long car rides and cramped lodging for vacation spots a little closer to home. The big three spots in Louisiana are Toledo Bend, Grand Isle, and False River. These water front areas are perfect for fishing, water sports, or just enjoying the weather.

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    Destin, Florida

    Home to some of the clearest waters and whitest beaches in the world, Destin, Florida has long been Acadiana's favorite summer spot. Walk in any area crowd this summer and you'll no doubt spot at least one person wearing one of Destin's trademark airbrushed t-shirts. Likewise, walk down Destin beaches and you'll be sure to spot familiar Acadiana logos. This is because during the summer months, Destin, Florida is transformed into Acadiana East. A mass migration takes place and thousands of Old Smokeys are transported along with their owners down I-10 to the famous beach city. Beloved in Acadiana for it's family atmosphere and gorgeous views, Destin, Florida takes the #1 spot on our list of Acadiana's Favorite Vacation Destinations.

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