As a guy I probably don't fully understand the insecurities that women have about their bodies. (Although, I have worn a dress a time or two. Here's video proof.)

From what I hear though, a woman's relationship with her body can be a complex one. This is definitely something that most women can agree on.

According to a new survey, here are the 10 body worries that women are most insecure about.

  1. Having a muffin top
  2. Love handles
  3. Saggy underarms
  4. Cellulite
  5. Gray hair
  6. Being too hairy
  7. Wrinkles
  8. A sagging butt
  9. Bad skin
  10. Varicose veins

On a better note, the survey also found the five body parts that women love the most. They include their eyes, hair, lips, boobs, and nails.