Never before has the threat of violence seemed to be so prevalent in our day to day lives. So many people I have talked to over the past few days just seem to be down or at least in a general sense of malaise. The reason? The recent violence in our state against police officers and citizens has really put a lot of the population on edge.

Even though the tragedies may have happened many  miles away you might be feeling helpless, scared, even guilty about the events that have unfolded in recent weeks. You're not by yourself if you're feeling this way.

You’re not able to focus at work, you’re finding yourself being sick and not really knowing what’s going on, at that point we really do encourage that you find a mental health professional and try to get some help.

That's the advice of Dr. Aniedi Udofa, Director of the Capital Area Human Services based out of Baton Rouge. Dr. Udofa's comments were published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Dr. Udofa explained that adults are not the only ones that are affected by the tragedies our state and our nation have witnessed over the past few weeks. Children might not understand completely the situation can certainly have feelings they don't understand as well. That's why having an age appropriate discussion with your kids is probably a great idea.

I would talk to my child about all the good things those officers do for us. The fact that they put their lives in danger to protect people, get my child to understand that they do a very important job.

It's probably a good idea for parents and kids especially to spend a little more time away from the Televisions. Especially during news broadcasts. Dr. Udofa suggests that parents should be very cognizant of changes in behavior of their children during disturbing times like these. She also suggests that you take care of your own feelings and emotions too.

If you think it’s getting too much take some time out, there is nothing wrong with that, asking for just a couple days off to talk to somebody and just try to process what’s going on around you.




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