How much do you weigh? Is that a fact that you'd like made public? I hazard to guess that many of us choose to keep that statistic about ourselves personal. Disclosing your weight or actually stepping on a scale might become a reality very soon for air travelers across the world.

In order to fly efficiently aircraft need to be balanced. The weight and distribution of passenger weight has a lot to do with how much fuel the aircraft uses during flight and the pilot's ability to maintain control of the aircraft should avionics or electronic systems become compromised.

Certain airlines have already instituted weigh before your fly on certain routes. Now, a judge in the United Kingdom has ruled that Fort Worth Texas based American Airlines was within its rights to ask passengers their weight during a recent six month period where they studied the value of more exacting weight distribution among the passengers that were to board the aircraft.

Is this discrimination? The courts seem to think no. That is if the airlines weigh everyone and not just the "bigguns" that board the aircraft.

Besides discussing your weight with a total stranger this might also mean the end of you choosing your seat on certain flights. It might also mean that those who are traveling together could be separated for the flight.

If you've flow small regional airlines then you have probably seen or heard requests from flight personnel to ask passengers to move to either the front or the rear of the aircraft. I am a large lad so I have been asked to be ballast on several puddle jumper flights during my years of flying.

I don't have a problem with this. If it means I get to my destination safely, I will take the brief embarrassment over having to notify next of kin almost every time.

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