Louisiana Senate President John Alario says he is unaware of any intentional financial wrongdoing in his campaign finances. In fact, he told the Louisiana Radio Network that he was not even aware of an investigation into those alleged wrongdoings.  When asked about media reports that the FBI was looking into his campaign records and in particular an alleged misreported $20-thousand dollars or more,  Alario said,

"I have no knowledge of an investigation of that type but if there is then we certainly want to cooperate,"

These discrepancies have been reportedly connected with a fund raiser held at a golf course in New Orleans and with the procurement of  LSU athletic tickets. Alario says his campaign has filed the proper paperwork in accordance with the statues for campaign finances but he does admit mistakes could have been made.

"It's a human thing and I'd have to admit that it was just that and there was no criminal intent,"

Just for clarity there have been no charges or accusations formally made in this case. The financial records are under scrutiny and it appears as if Mr. Alario and his campaign officials are cooperating fully to bring this investigation a close.

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