Aldi's location on Louisiana Ave is getting close to opening and many have been wondering when it is going to open.

We initially reported that the Aldi location on Louisiana Ave would open up on August 17, 2022, however, an Aldi spokesperson reached out to us to clarify that there was no official opening date planned for the Louisiana Ave location.

Since then we have been patiently waiting and somewhat stalking the Aldi website for a date that the store would open to the public.

Today as I was casually browsing the web I noticed that there was a date on the Aldi website. 

Hopefully, this is the correct date that the store is opening but according to the Aldi website, it looks like the Louisiana Ave location will open up on November 2, 2022.

Aldi opening date

This is the third and final store that is planned for the Acadiana area. The first store to open is located in Lafayette off of Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, the second store is in New Iberia on E Admiral Doyle Drive, and this store is located at 3210 Louisiana Ave.

There are other stores that are planned for Louisiana but they are in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

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Many are looking forward to the newest location of Aldi opening up. The grocery store has always been popular and had a huge following, especially online. Aldi is best known for their discount prices and infamous Aldi Finds Aisle, where you can find some pretty unique things.

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