Officials in Allen Parish say a man has been charged with negligent homicide in the death of his hunting companion. It's the second time that David Strother of Oakdale has been responsible for a death in the woods.

In the latest incident, Allen Parish Sheriff's officials say that Strother was responsible for firing the shot that killed his hunting companion on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say that Strother and a 42-year-old woman were hunting together in the West Bay Wildlife Management Area.

Allen told authorities that the woman was shot when he stumbled in the woods. His fall caused his weapon, which was not in the "safety" position, to discharge. Strother failed sobriety tests administered after the incident. He was also found to have marijuana and crystal meth on his person.

In 2010 another hunting companion of Strother's was found dead in the same West Bay Wildlife Managment Area. In that incident, Strother passed a polygraph test when questioned about the death of Robert Fontenot of Oakdale. In that incident, it was determined that Fontenot had died of a self-inflicted gunshot.


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