Video shows an incident at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport that allegedly involves a Spirit Airlines employee and a customer. The customer and the employee start out arguing in each other's face and end up exchanging blows as on-lookers attempt to stifle the scuffle.

Things got heated in an instant...


While the original poster put in the caption that this incident occurred a month ago, reports on social media say that the 7/11/22 date was a mistake and that this altercation actually happened on August 11, 2022.

In the altercation, you can see someone who appears to be an employee of the airline and a customer getting very close to each other as they argue. But things would go from bad to worse when the woman involved hit the employee in the face.

This is when the employee erupted and ran down the customer, sending her to the ground.


Onlookers did their best to deescalate the situation, with one person even telling the airline employee to fight him instead of the woman.

Spirit Airlines Employee Attempts to Fight Female Customer

See the video shared by @DallasTexasTV via @thomasshannondp on Instagram below.

As noted earlier, the follow-up to the video says that this incident occurred in August and not in July as the date on the video specifies.

The altercation has gotten many on social media talking. One of the main points of contention is that, as far as the video shows, the woman involved delivered the first blow in the situation.

See more reactions from Twitter below.

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