It is no breaking news that the New Orleans Saints have been dealing with injury problems this season, as has the rest of the NFL. But when the media asked Alvin Kamara if he would be playing on Sunday, his answer is all too relatable to us civilians.

Check out Kamara's answer to the media below via @Saints Twitter post

"You ever stub your toe on the corner of a bedpost or something?"

Yes, Mr. Kamara, yes I have. It is the most painful thing that could ever happen to any human.

Of course, I am exaggerating here, but it is hilarious to hear the star running back for the Saints put his injury in real world terms.

We have all stubbed a toe before and Kamara feels as though the bruise on his foot is comparable to that. Just annoying enough to give Kamara the day off, which could be really good for the running back as we are headed towards the back half of the regular season.

Saints fans should look forward to Alvin Kamara playing at full capacity this Sunday in a major divisional matchup versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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