I'm all about reusing and re purposing, so when Definition.org posted some great hacks on how to use aluminum foil, I was very interested. This goes under the category of things I didn't know but now I can't live without! Some of my favorites are below.

  • Remove Rust - to use on chrome, just put some water on the foil, and bruch the rust away. And yes, it really works!
  • Use to Seal Bags of Food - this worked for me with a bag of cereal that wasn't resealable. Fold over a piece of foil at the top of the bag, and at the crease do a quick iron over to seal
  • Get Rid Of Grease Safely - line a bowl with foil, pour the cooking grease in and let it set. Once it's cold, just ball it up and throw away
  • Convert Your Batteries - I say try this one only in an emergency. If you only have AAA batteries, and you actually need AA, then put a bit of foil on the + end before replacing in the device.
  • Keep Bananas Fresh - wrap them in foil to keep from going brown too soon
  • Perfect Pie Crust - wrap the outer layer of pie crust with foil before baking. Thi prevents the ends from burning, or getting too brown
  • Remove Tarnish from Silver - this is kind of amazing, and there is even a video to show you how! No more silver polish cloths for you
  • Clean Pots and Pans - if you don't have a steel wool pad, a ball of aluminum foil works just as good at scrubbing. It even works with baked on food!
  • Ironing - put a piece of foil in between your clothes and the ironing board. Saves time, and no creases on the other side of the fabric!
  • Painting - line your paint pan with foil before pouring. Easy cleanup, and you can use more than one color of paint if you need to!

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