With all of the drastic weather-related events we've experienced over the last year, it's important to remember how our pets fit into the equation. And here we are, headed into hurricane season, so heads up, pet parents. You need to get a game plan for your furry friends too, just in case.

And the folks at AKC Reunite, the largest non-profit pet identification and recovery service provider in the United States want to help. AKC stands for American Kennel Club, and the organization has just donated a pet disaster relief trailer in Baton Rouge. This will be a game-changer for rescuing pets, and according to WAFB the "life-saving equipment will be available to dispatch to any local disaster scene that needs assistance sheltering pets." We've all seen the upsetting scenes of pets lost or left behind to fend for themselves during weather disasters, and AKC Reunite is determined to reunite pets with their owners during these weather events.

The trailer was delivered a couple of weeks ago to the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control & Rescue Center, and WAFB says it was made possible by donations from the Borzoi Club of America, French Bull Dog Club of America, American Shetland Sheepdog Association Foundation, Labrador Retriever Club, Sherwood South Animal Hospital of Baton Rouge and AKC Reunite. The trailer was designated for a location along the Gulf Coast where communities might need assistance reuniting pets after weather-related disasters. Read more about the amazing donation from WAFB here.


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