If we really want to put the kibosh on 2015, let's go ahead and leave all the things that annoy us in the past. You know, certain words and phrases getting eliminated from our vocabulary would be a great start.

Lake Superior University in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan just released their annual list of words that need to be banned. Their results are based on thousands of nominations from people around the world.

Enjoy the top 5:

  1. "Vape" - Get out of here with that bruh! And go puff on some watery smoky air!
  2. "Price Point" - Why not just say "price"???
  3. "Secret Sauce" - Come on man, McDonald's brought that to our attention years ago. You really don't have any sauce that is a secret to anyone and I don't believe that is the reason your business is successful. (Unless it's Raising Cane's sauce we're talking about.)
  4. "Manspreading" - It's apparently slang for men who sit with their legs wide open on a subway to take up two seats. (Whew, I thought it would be something a lot more PG-13.)
  5. "Break the Internet" - I actually kind of like this one. But I guess when you try to do it every day, it can be a little much.

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