A recent post to the Mire, La Community Page on Facebook appears to show...well, it appears to show possible Panther roaming around in Acadiana.

Black Panther and Cub Sighting in Port of Iberia

Back in March of 2021, local musician Steve Grisaffe and his wife Alisa posted a couple of videos and pictures that possibly show a black panther and cub roaming around the Port of Ibera area.

Steve and Alisa Grisaffe Via Facebook
Steve and Alisa Grisaffe Via Facebook

See more pictures and videos HERE.

Do Black Panthers Live In Louisiana?

From theadvertiser.com -

"No black panther claim has ever been authenticated, he said. Black jaguars and black leopards aren’t native to the United States. Jaguars are from Central America and South America, and leopards are from Africa."

There have certainly been many black panther hoaxes in Louisiana, but usually, those are just pictures.

The video of a possible black panther roaming around in the Port of Iberia is interesting. Enough so it might have you questioning what we think we know about black panthers in Louisiana.

Well, now there's a new video out of Mire that might have you questioning that even more.

Possible Black Panther Sighting In Mire

Posted on the Mire Community Peeps Facebook page by Michele Touchet, this video shows what appears to be a pretty sizable black cat roaming around on Vintage rd.

Is this just a freakishly large wild black cat, or could this possibly be another sighting of a black panther in South Louisiana?

Facebook Via Michele Touchet
Facebook Via Michele Touchet

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