It looks like the Sulphur teen who was stood up has real "friends" after all.

The internet was heated after finding out about the high school student who was left to sit alone for hours at a Sulphur Casa Ole after realizing he was the victim of a cruel prank. The 18 "friends" who had him reserve the table were no shows, and probably went off to enjoy their prom night plans while the boy ate alone.

The original story went viral and soon led to multiple communities coming together in an attempt to turn this negative situation into a positive one.


Soon, the young man was tracked down. According to Jeff Guidry—organizer of the Antibully Party Facebook page—the victim is a senior at Sulphur High School, and even though he was stood up by "friends" and ate alone at the restaurant, he still attended his school's prom.


As for those "friends" who thought their cruel prank was funny, the Sulphur High senior said he would rather not name them because he wouldn't want them to have to endure anything close to the same embarrassment that he felt eating alone at that Casa Ole while others laughed and took pictures.

To make matters worse is Guidry says the boy told him that all of his classmates knows about what happened, but they don't know its him. His first hour teacher doesn't even believe it happened.

Regardless, Jeff and others are moving forward with an Anti-bullying Event and many people are excited to be a part of it.


Of course, the Sulphur High student will be invited as a special guest.

You can keep up with everything on the official Anti-bully Party Facebook page here.