NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has turned heads for his actions both on and off the field. Now, Brown has shared a statement that seemingly alludes to his biggest career regret where he compares himself to "The Beatles" and Jesus.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets

Polarizing professional football player Antonio Brown was once regarded as the best pass catcher in the NFL. Now, his talents on the gridiron are seemingly overshadowed by his antics both on and off of the field.

Everyone remembers when Brown exited the game between the Bucs and the Jets in tremendous fashion after ripping off his uniform on the sideline.

While his actions are surprising and often times outrageous, it now seems like Brown has acknowledged everything that has occurred in his past via a recent statement. Still, there is seemingly only one thing throughout the receiver's career that he regrets.

Antonio Brown Reveals His Biggest Regret

See the graphic and quote from Antonio Brown shared by himself via @AB84 on Twitter below.

In the quote, Brown alludes to all of the antics he has gotten himself into throughout his professional football career. Calling his GM a "cracker", showing up to Raiders camp late in a hot air balloon, and even throwing rocks at a delivery truck driver. The receiver covers just about all of it.

But Brown rounds out the statement by saying, "My biggest regret is that I'll never get to see me, Antonio Brown, play a game live".

The talented receiver goes on to say, "Sure, I can watch the game afterwards, but I can't imagine what that was like for all of you to see something like that".

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

This is when Brown completed his statement dropped an analogy which says, "Like watching the Beatles or Jesus perform at Red Rocks".

Did Antonio Brown Actually Compare Himself to "The Beatles" and Jesus?

According to @NFL_DovKleiman the origin of the meme comes from @TheSportsMemery on Twitter.

From what @TheSportsMemery is pointing to online, this is seemingly a manufactured quote that Antonio Brown has apparently endorsed by re-sharing it on his own account.

So, did AB actually compare himself to "The Beatles" and Jesus? My gut says no. Still, Brown reposting the meme with the caption, "Sincerely AB" has left many believing that these are his thoughts.

Social Media Reacts to Antonio Brown's Biggest Regret

Of course, the statement has gotten social media talking. See reactions to the statement from Twitter below.

What is next for Antonio Brown? I am not sure a person on this earth could predict that.

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