Apple is making it easier for users of their popular products in the United States to find out where to get vaccinations for COVID-19. The company announced in a blog post on Tuesday, March 16th that you can now ask Siri, or search within Apple Maps to find locations where vaccines are being distributed. They will also provide important information and other links related to coronavirus.

According to the blog post, the company "updated Apple Maps with COVID-19 vaccination locations from VaccineFinder, a free, online service developed by Boston Children’s Hospital that provides the latest vaccine availability for those eligible at providers and pharmacies throughout the US." Users can find nearby vaccination locations from the search bar in Apple Maps by selecting "COVID-19 Vaccines" in the "Find Nearby" menu, or simply ask Siri  “Where can I get a COVID vaccination?”

Each site listed will include basic information like operating hours, addresses, phone numbers, links to the provider's website, and information about how to book an appointment.

This is just the latest effort by Apple to help users navigate through the coronavirus pandemic safely. Officials with Apple are saying that the rollout for the new feature will include about 200,000 locations for vaccinations, but that number will be increased in the next couple of weeks.

The new tool will also allow health care professionals to input information about vaccination sites through the Apple Business Register page.



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