This is the time of year when we all start to work out and exercise to get our summer bodies back. I know I am. The tough part is knowing if what I am doing is actually affective. It is also difficult to figure out if what we are doing is correct or hurting us more than anything.

Of course, I have to Google everything. So I figured that there had to be an article or health tips to help me out. I ended up coming across this quiz at that tests your knowledge of exercising. Turns out, I have been doing a couple of things wrong AND had the wrong mentality while exercising.

For example: 'No pain, no gain.' True or False? (I got it wrong!) Or 'Should you do cardio before strength training?' (I got that one wrong, too!)

Take the quiz yourself here and see what your results are. It is a short quiz, but I promise it will pay off for you.


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