You can almost smell the king cake in the air.

It’s early spring in Acadiana and for just about everyone, this means one thing; Mardi Gras. Soon the streets will be barricaded, the schools will be closed, and thousands of people from miles around will descend upon Lafayette to join in on all the food, festivities, and merriment that Mardi Gras in Lafayette has to offer.

With all that goes on during the Mardi Gras season, it’s easy to miss or overlook some of the events. Whether you’re a Mardi Gras ball reveler, a fan of the fair, or just enjoy watching those decadent floats go by, there is something for everyone during Mardi Gras.

But like everything else in South Louisiana, Mardi Gras is all about traditions. Those things that keep you coming back year after year. So we’d like to know, what are your favorite Mardi Gras traditions? Is there a particular memory that sticks out to you? An old Mardi Gras tradition that has long since passed? We’d like to know. Share all your Mardi Gras secrets in the comment section at the bottom, and be sure to click your “Like” button to help get all your friends in the Mardi Gras spirit!