You have to admire the ongoing efforts of Louisiana's law enforcement community. There are probably a lot of bad guys that think they have escaped the long arm of the law after a certain amount of time. Those bad guys would be wrong.

Lake Charles Police have made an arrest in a homicide that took place in 1987. The case was reopened last spring and detectives were able to put together enough pieces of the puzzle to bring charges against 59-year-old Harry James Richard.

He was an initial suspect back in 1987 and was even arrested for that case back then. However, at the time the DA’s office did not believe it was a case that was able to be prosecuted.

Lt. Richard Harrell told the Louisiana Radio Network that the death of 75-year-old Noah Breaux will now be prosecuted. Richard the suspect in the case was charged in that death with armed robbery and first-degree murder

Harrell says the investigation is still ongoing, as police prepare to present the case to the District Attorney.

It brings a certain amount of justice and closure to the family. As a matter of fact, the daughter-in-law just told us it was the best Christmas present she could ever have hoped for.

Harrell said that  30 years ago, first responders responded to a house fire and they discovered Breaux’s body in his home, which launched a homicide investigation at the time.

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