In St. Landry Parish, detectives with the Juvenile Section investigated a case concerning a 2-year-old being left in a vehicle alone while his mother, Pashuia Thomas, and her friend was in a local truck-stop/casino.

According to reports, detectives were notified by the business that a security officer and employee both witnessed the child in the vehicle alone with the windows slightly down.

Detectives reviewed the video footage and observed that the 2-year-old child had been inside of the vehicle with the mother’s friend, Christine Johnson.  The mother (Thomas) and Johnson would take turns playing in the casino each taking about 5 minutes to play.

On the last time, the mother went into the casino and stayed approximately 45 minutes when the child is seen on video exiting the car while Johnson remained in the vehicle.  The 2-year-old child is seen walking alone towards the dine-in part of the truck stop.

An employee exited the truck stop with the child in her arms and walked the parking lot in search of the child’s parents.  After finding no one, the employee walked back to the dine-in area with the child and Johnson is seen exiting the car walking into the casino.

The employee was then met by Leonard Ray Boagni who stopped the employee and told her that the child was with them and that the child belonged to his girlfriend (Thomas).  Boagni then took the child to the car and placed him in the backseat and left him alone in the car.  Boagni then walked inside the casino and exited with Johnson then the both of them walked back into the casino.

Johnson was seen several times entering and exiting the casino while the child remained in the car alone.  Seeing this, the security officer notified the management and notified the sheriff’s office.

Thomas, Johnson, and Boagni were all detained then arrested after the investigation was complete then transported to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office Jail for booking.  The child was released to the custody of his Grandfather.

Pashuia Thomas/St Landry Parish

Pashuia Thomas

Arrested and Charged with Child Desertion





Christine Johnson

Arrested and Charged with Child Desertion




Leonard Boagni

Arrested and Charged with Child Desertion