Scott firefighters received a call to battle a blaze on Andres Road yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. Upon arrival at the location, fire crews encountered heavy smoke and intense flames coming from a barn next to a residential structure. Crews were able to extinguish the blaze in fairly short order but not before the structure sustained significant damage.

The barn had been converted into an art studio where handcrafted jewelry and other art pieces were created. It is believed that a fan used to cool a piece of machinery used in the production of those art pieces malfunctioned. Fire investigators believe the blaze spread quickly to other parts of the structure.

Although the blaze was brought under control and extinguished rather quickly the structure still sustained heavy smoke, fire, and water damage. There were no injuries reported in the blaze. Fire crews from Scott, Judice, Duson, and Carencro assisted in fighting the blaze.


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