Last Monday, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got a divorce, but by Friday they’d found common ground in cheering on good friend Ashley Monroe as she released her new album The Blade. Monroe says she didn’t know the two of them were conspiring to tweet each other about her, but she’s grateful.

“I was like, ‘Just deflect all the attention on me guys, I’ll take it,’” Monroe tells Access Hollywood, recognizing that it’s a tense time between her two best friends. The “On To Something Good” singer says Shelton gave her a heads up that he and Lambert had something up their sleeves, and it sounds like she was nervous at first.

“But then I saw the Tweets and I was like, 'Oh my gosh! That's amazing. They're drawing attention to me.'"

Friday’s Twitter exchange was actually the second unexpected boost from the former country power couple. Lambert’s Wednesday night appearance during Monroe’s album release party was expected, but her time on stage was not. The singer says Lambert was just going to watch, as she didn't have makeup on and knew there would be cameras. Throughout the show Monroe kept an eye on her BFF.

“I kept looking over and seeing her singing along and was like ‘There’s no way she’s going to not get up here and sing,’” Monroe tells AH's Scott Evans. By the end of the show, she’d gotten a message that if she plugged “Heart Like Mine” into her encore Lambert would join her on stage. The moment was unscripted and beautiful. Watch a video of that performance below.

Watch Miranda Lambert Join Ashley Monroe to Sing "Heart Like Mine"

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