Good news for Ashley Monroe fans! The beautiful blonde is set to release her second album from Warner Bros. Records this summer.

Monroe's fans have already heard the lead single from the forthcoming record, titled "On to Something Good." After its success, Monroe decided to let her fans know the album including that song will be out in July.

The album's release date has been set, but it is currently still untitled. Monroe has a pretty talented team working behind her; Vince Gill and Justin Niebank produced the upcoming record, and they're also the ones who produced her critically acclaimed 2013 album, Like a Rose.

This news comes after Monroe has had a good bit of success with Blake Shelton. The two celebrated a No. 1 hit with "Lonely Tonight," which was Monroe's very first No. 1 single. Monroe is keeping herself busy now; she's on a radio tour promoting the first single from the forthcoming album, and she'll  join Miranda Lambert on the road for the Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour this summer.

Monroe's new album is set to drop on July 24.

Ashley Monroe's New Album Track Listing:

1. "On To Something Good"
2. "I Buried Your Love Alive"
3. "Bombshell"
4. "The Weight of the Load"
5. "The Blade"
6. "Winning Streak"
7. "From Time to Time"
8. "If Love Was Fair"
9. "Has Anybody Ever Told You"
10. "Dixie"
11. "The Devil Don’t Want Me"
12. "Mayflowers"
13. "Good at Leavin’"

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