Where can I get a coronavirus test? It's a question more and more people are asking and have been asking as we continue to muddle through our current pandemic state. Up until now, testing for COVID-19 or coronavirus has been only allowed in a controlled setting such as at a hospital, urgent care clinic, walk-in clinic, or on-sight testing facility. Now, those who are curious about their COVID status can find out the answer in the privacy of their own home.

LabCorp's Pixel COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit has been authorized by the FDA for at-home testing. The kit has not received full approval but rather an emergency authorization, at least as of now. The home testing kit is done via nasal swab. The swab is then sealed and sent back to LabCorp for processing.

Just to be clear, there are at-home tests available but those do require a prescription. This new test from LabCorp is direct to the consumer and can be purchased over the counter. You could purchase the test kit just like you'd purchase a home pregnancy test. Your out of pocket cost will be about $119 bucks if you don't have the test covered with insurance.

The completed test kit is shipped via FedEx to LabCorp. Once received the company says testing takes on average a couple of days. Those who test negative for coronavirus will be notified via an online portal that is established during the registration of the kit or the individual may be notified via email. A positive test will result in a call from a health care provider.

The FDA hopes the authorization for the kits will encourage people to become more active in protecting themselves and their families from the coronavirus. It is hoped that the information gleaned from these at-home tests will also encourage people to quarantine or isolate if necessary.

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