Low-income families can now get internet for a very low price with AT&T.

The communications giant has announced a new plan to provide discounted internet access for as low as five dollars a month to low-income families.

Any home where at least one person receives food stamps will be eligible for the new program.

AT&T will offer internet connection speeds of 3 megabits per second for five dollars a month. Faster speeds of 5 or 10 megabits per second will cost ten dollars a month.

Additionally, all installation and equipment fees will be waived.

Deciding what speed to choose won't be left up to the customers though. They'll automatically be assigned the fastest where they live.

Though any connection might be an improvement for many homes, 10 megabits per second and under is still considered a slow connection.

The offering is part of an agreement AT&T made with the FCC as part of last year’s DirecTV merger and will be available until 2020.