Let me be clear. Auburn University has not filed, proposed, officially asked, sent a note on a napkin, or any other sanctioned request to move out of the very tough Southeastern Conference Western Division. I could understand from a competitive point of view why they would want that. But, right now it's just an idea being floated by the current Director of Athletics at the University Jay Jacobs.

If you weren't aware this week in Destin Florida the SEC is holding their annual beach trip and meetings. One of those things not officially discussed but brought up by Jacobs was the idea of Auburn moving away from LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi State and other powerhouses of the division to the somewhat milder SEC East.

Hold on, before you start calling Mr. Jacobs soft or a coward his idea actually makes sense. Right now Auburn is in the west and Missouri is in the east. Jacobs seems to think that it would be a more natural fit for those schools to swap places.

Geographically it does make sense. Based on tradition and rivalry I'd sure hate to see it happen. Jacobs did say that regardless of where in the conference Auburn plays they would continue to maintain the Iron Bowl rivalry with Alabama. I am pretty sure if they didn't then the state legislature would make it so they had to. It's kind of how politics got involved in the Florida versus Florida State rivalry. 

Jacobs says his idea won't be explored at the current meetings underway in Destin. However, it did suggest in a story reported by NOLA.com that the idea could be floated at the conference's next football only meeting.

I'd have to admit not having to travel to  Auburn every other year would be a nice change of pace. Although the "loveliest city on the plains" does make a great place to pull over and pee when you're driving to Atlanta.  That being said, I don't know if Columbia Missouri is any better. I guess we will see when the powers that be contact the accountants and see how much more money the conference can make.


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