There are all kinds of king cakes these days. You've got the traditional, you've got king cakes with different types of filling, and even boudin king cakes. However, The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is offering up a type of king cake I've never heard of until today. They are offering up a "Cricket King Cake". Nope, not for the animals at the zoo, for the patrons.

KATC reports the king cake is part of The Audubon Institute's "Bug Appetit" annual exhibit that creates food items prepared with different insects.

The cricket king cake is filled with roasted crickets, and topped with even more, along with the traditional green, purple and gold sugar. It is said to have a "nutty flavor".

Obviously, eating crickets is nothing new, but a cricket king cake is definitely unlike any type of king cake I've heard of.

From KATC -

The cricket king cake samples will be made available through Lundi Gras on Monday February 27, 2017. The tastings are included with general admissions to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium located on 423 Canal Street in New Orleans. 

What say you? Would you try a piece of cricket king cake?


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