We reminisce often off-air on the morning show about some of the artists that made an appearance on country music radio and then just fell off the face of the earth. The ultimate "where are they now?"

I'm not talking about "whatever happened to Merle Haggard" but more like "whatever happened to cats like Mila Mason or Ricky Lynn Gregg?"

OK, I bring these names up because I noticed these two past "hitmakers" along with a couple of other country singers on today's celebrity birthday list. It's also Collin Raye and Holly Dunn's birthdays today. That's a lot of epicness all in one day!

With the help of the internet, let's find out what they're up to now (and maybe who the heck they were to begin with).

MILA MASON - The Dawson Springs, Kentucky native turns 49 today. She hit the scene in 1996 with a couple of midly successful songs - "That's Enough of That" and "Dark Horse". Even less chart success followed in the late 90s and she faded away by the end of the decade. Mila currently heads up a songwriter/publishing company called Faverett Music Group on Music Row in Nashville.

RICKY LYNN GREGG - I only remember this guy for his long hair. I think he wore it long because of his Native American descent. The Henderson, Texas native is now 51 years old. His country music career never equaled the awesomeness of his long locks. He merely had one top 40 song with his 1993 debut "If I Had a Cheatin' Heart". Although I'm not too sure what this boy is up to these days, he did begin a charity called Trail of Hope, which provides clothing for underprivileged Cherokee, Choctaw and Sioux Indians.

HOLLY DUNN - This San Antonio born singer turns 54 today and actually had some success. From the mid to late 80s she was a viable hitmaker, notching three #1 songs including her signature tune, "Daddy's Hands". Holly actually retired from music in 2003 to devote herself full time to her other passion, art. Her paintings deal primarily with subjects from the southwestern United States and are predominantly available at a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

COLLIN RAYE - Now we get to the good stuff, one of my favorite singers, Collin Raye. Check that, his birth name is Floyd Elliott Wray and the pride of DeQueen, Arkansas. The now 51-year-old shot to fame in 1991 with a poignant #1 tune called "Love, Me". Over the 90s and early 2000s Raye would top the charts three more times and place many more songs in the top 10. You can find Collin these days still making music, with his last album released in 2009. He's also still putting on high energy shows for his fans and has over 30 dates booked for the remainder of 2012.


Alright kids of the 90s, was that fun or what? Did you remember all of these acts? If you didn't, now you know more about some of the soundtrack of your youth!